Sunday, May 13, 2018

5C's trip to K1

5C's Trip to K1
On a hot sunny Tuesday May 8, 2018, 5C walked under the blazing sun to the K1 class in the
ECC. The reason for this was to experience the lard transition between grade 5 and kindergarten.

When we first arrived in the K1 class I was shocked when
Ms.Angela started to talk to us in a
different tone and we sang open shut them. I quickly caught on to what was happening,
and we read a book called Who Sank the Boat. Which we used actors to do. The book was about
a cow, donkey, pig, sheep and tiny mouse getting on a boat but in the end the boat sank.

After our fun time on the boat we sang a song which we also used actors for
speckled frogs. Which I thought was pretty fun. Last of all we took pictures of
10 different objects. Example: the first picture would be of one wood block the second one would
be of two keys and the third would be of three dice, it went on like that until you got to ten. If you
finished taking your photos on your ipad you can have a little free time for the rest of the time
that we were in K1.

I had fun being a little kid again and doing not hard math, but sadly our time in K1 was short.
So after a period of laughing and playing who sank the boat 5C now fight graders again popped
on their shoes and headed off to music.  

Monday, February 12, 2018


Would Camilla be a Good Queen?
By:Isabella Ibarra
There is one person I know who I think is worthy of a crown. And her name is Camilla. I know a few people who might be good for the title king or queen but my friend from Russia is the best choice in my opinion. She is kind smart and an even better friend.

One reason why I think Camila would be such  a good queen is because she would undoubtedly make sure her subjects were happy and they would have fun once and awhile. She would let them have fun but  still get things done. Because Camilla is so kind I think that she would make sure her subjects were happy.
But everyone makes mistakes once and awhile so what would happen if camilla was having too much fun of course she would make sure her subjects had a good education but too much fun won’t get things done.

Camilla clearly has many strengths for instance she loves the artes she would make sure her school’s would be very fun and helpful for kids to learn new things. She knows that health is important so she would build nice hospitales for people to have surgery and get better, along with hotels for visiting families.

On the other hand everyone makes mistakes once and awhile so what would happen if camilla was having too much fun of course she would make sure her subjects had a good education but too much fun won’t get things done. Also if the kids at school are having too much fun then they wouldn't have time for working or finishing up.

Then being a queen you have to make hard decisions along with put your money some were good and smart like a hospital or a school. But there are plenty of bad things that can happen  like a natural disaster or she built a school but she needs a hospital and doesn’t have enough money to build one. Some things happen by chance other things that you can’t control or you can control it but  you choose not to think about it.

So as an conclusion I personally think Camilla would make a great queen even if she makes a mistake once and awhile but we all make mistakes.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Fractions does and don'ts

 fore example 1/2 + 1/4 =3/4 is right because if you divide something into 4 then color 2/4 that is equal to 1/2 then all you have to do is add the 1/4 so another way to do 1/2+1/4=3/4 is 2/4 + 1/4 =3/4

example 1/2 + 1/3= 1/5 is wrong because 1/5 would be way too small and you are not suppose to add only the denominators.


Thursday, January 11, 2018

Day 5 favorite

☾ I prefer Democracy because we had a group of people to help make choices which was better that all voting and only one person making choices

✘I didn't like that we had to vote on lots of things before we had that group and that maybe no one had you great idea. Democracy would get pretty annoying voting on lots of things and listening to that group of people that might not always make the best choice.

Day 4 voting

Day 4 Reflection  
a group of people speaking for other people to make a choice
be listen to the people in the group of people that makes the choices and hope they have your idea
A democracy is successful when the people vote honestly
personal comment
Being a part of a democracy made me feel good to vote and fun
I would change nothing
I would keep everything
a peace symbol
people voting

Day 3 no choice

Day 3 Reflection  
a person that doesn't care what others say or think

listen to the person in charge don't complain or over throw the person in charge.
when people listen to the dictator and try not to complain if that doesn't work over throw the dictator
personal comment
I felt that Ms. Brienza was over using her power and talking too much about her self
I would change nothing
I would keep everything but that we had to do lots of math work sheets and had only 5 minuets for questions
a fist
Image result for dictatorship

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Day 2 Crazy

Day 2 Reflection  “Anarchy sounds good to me. Then someone asks, 'Who'd fix the sewers?'”
a group of people without a leader or government
hopefully not go crazy and try to bring order so things get done
The government has to be a bystander because they do not exist in the world of anarchy
An anarchy is successful when people don't just go crazy
personal comment
Being a part of anarchy made me feel bored sometimes fun
I would change that some people that just didn't listen and played games on their computers I would change that they actually listened
I would keep everything
eternity symbol
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